Winter Retreat – Love – #theright15

Winter Retreat – Love – #theright15


We have many rights as a consequence of being human. Of all those rights, the most basic human right that belongs to every individual is the right to know Jesus, the right to become a Christian.

Our society would have you believe that believing in Jesus limits our rights, in reality becoming a Christian brings us freedom and even more rights! Christian have the right and responsibility to make Jesus known to the lost world! Here in PennDel, we are taking 2015 to focus on The Human Right: To Know Jesus and Make Him Known.

How do we exercise those rights? If you know Jesus then your Human Right has been met. Now, you have the Human Right responsibility to make Him known! Love is what drives that Human Right. Do we love the lost enough to make Him known?

We are so excited for Winter Retreat as we focus on The Human Right, and specifically love. This January we are believing God for an outpouring of His Spirit to fall upon the students and leaders of PennDel. Come join us for one of the three Winter Retreat weekends and become a part of the Human Right Movement. We believe God will do amazing things and impact our students for a lifetime this year.

I appreciate your ministry and your heart for students and look forward to the opportunity to share in this time with you all.

Your Friend,

Doug Sayers – DYD PennDel District

Week 1 – Jan 9-11

Communicator: Randy DonGiovanni @randy_don
Worship: Pnuema – University of Valley Forge

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Week 2 – Jan 16-18

Communicator: Joey Furjanic @joeyfurjanic
Worship: Pnuema – University of Valley Forge

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Week 3 – Jan 23-25

Communicator: Wayde Wilson @waydewwilson
Worship: Chosen – University of Valley Forge

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I loved the worship. The Spirit of the Lord moved so greatly this week. I felt the presence of God so thoroughly through this week. See you …
Hannah, New Hope, Numine