AIM Team in Guatemala 2011

AIM Team in Guatemala 2011

Everything is going well here in Guatemala!  Our travel to Guatemala was seamless, and we thank God for a safe and expeditious journey.  We arrived on Monday around lunchtime and ate at a Pizza Hut in Guatemala City.  From there we headed on a three-hour journey through the mountains to the village of Panajachel.  This area is where we will be ministering throughout the week.  Panajachel is a mountain town that sits on a lake, ringed by three large volcanoes.  It really is a beautiful area.  We are staying at the Grand Hotel in Panajachel, a safe and comfortable accommodation just off the main tourist market.  The hotel is also providing the majority of our meals.  The rest of Monday was filled with an orientation and dinner.

Tuesday was day of training.  Of course, we had quite a bit of training at youth camp, but we continued that on our first full day in the country.  We are working with “One Way Guatemala,” a missional organization founded by Assembly of God Missionaries Dave & Debbie Amsler.  Dave & Debbie have been laboring on behalf of the gospel, particularly with children and youth, in Guatemala for several years.  It is our honor to join them in God’s calling and work here in Latin America.

We learned several songs in Spanish, and motions to go along with them.  Our ministry is almost entirely school-based.  We will conduct school assemblies in primary and secondary schools and share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We will do 3-4 assemblies each day, presenting salvation according to the “Gospel of Grace” (Acts 20:24) through Jesus Christ.  The ministry elements we learned prior to coming, as well the training we received on Tuesday, will be powerful tools to communicate the gospel.

In the afternoon, following our training, we left the hotel compound for ice cream and a brief stroll through the market!  Our students, many of whom are experiencing their first cross-cultural experience, received a crash course in bartering and purchasing.  After dinner, we continued the orientation time that began on Monday evening, and concluded with a powerful time of prayer and intercession.

It is currently Wednesday morning.  We are to depart this morning for a full day of school assemblies.  However, we are currently in a holding pattern.  There has been a lot of rain overnight here in Panajachel.  It is a mountainous region, and when it rains a lot, the area is subjected to mudslides.  Overnight a mudslide closed the road we need to use to get to our first school this morning.  We are praying that the road will open quickly, or that we can rearrange our assemblies for today so that we may still have the opportunity to minister in each location.  Whatever happens, we recognize that life’s delays are God’s opportunities, and we pray that opportunity will present itself soon!  Forecasters are calling for quite a bit more of rain, as a major storm approaches Guatemala.  We are praying that the rains will stop, and that there will be no more delays to the work of the ministry.

Pray for the AIM team in Guatemala: Jason, Chelsea, Pastor Mike, Brittany, Julie, Pastor Jim, RJ, David, Andrea, Christian, Pastor Lee, Pastor Doug, Brittni, Corrine, Billy, and the missionaries (Dave and Debbie Amsler) and team of children’s ministers from Guatemala.