AIM Team Blog – Wednesday July 13, 2011

AIM Team Blog – Wednesday July 13, 2011

Today started out with a bit of uncertainty of where we were going to minister.  We have experienced a lot of rain since we have arrived and as a result there has been a mudslide that covered the road that we were supposed to travel to the schools for today’s outreach.  We made our plans, but God has His own plans for us.  This roadblock is a moment where God is redirecting our path.

Instead of traveling to those schools back up the mountain God opened the doors right here in Panajachel and we ministered in 2 schools today.  Our first ministry was in a Christian school where we held 2 assemblies.  There was a great response in both of these services and God’s hand was upon us. 

It was great to see our teens in active ministry after all the sacrifices they made in their lives.  So much financial sacrifice, prayer, fasting, training has gone into this opportunity to minister and now they are doing what they all worked so hard for. 

We then traveled down the street and ministered in another school.  Our team did a great job with the changes of plans and really responded with much flexibility as they prayed for God’s direction for the day.  In our second school today we had a teacher tell us that she has never seen these kids smile and laugh like they did.  I believe that it was joy from the Lord as we told the students about the hope from our God.

So today we ministered to a total of 375 students in the assemblies and over 200 responded to God’s grace and love and accepted Christ as their Savior.  Praise God!  It was an amazing day and God really did some eternal work and I believe that destinies were changed as God saved these elementary and even some teenage students.

At the end of the day we had a great time of debriefing and prayer.  Every night so far we have had time to pray and seek God’s continuing direction for this trip.  God has redirected us a few times and has done some eternal work through this team.  We are looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

-Pastor Jim Galbraith