AIM – An Incredible Day – Day Five

AIM – An Incredible Day – Day Five

By Emily Galbraith

This morning we had to be at breakfast at 6:45; the times we leave have been getting earlier and earlier. It isn’t all that bad though. Today we had cinnamon oatmeal, refried beans, a tortilla chip with guacamole covering it, plantains, and sunny side up eggs. After we had finished our meal we went out to the bus to get going, I actually got the chance to ride in the Amsler’s Speed the Light vehicle. They have been switching students in and out so that they can have a first hand experience of what Speed the Light does for missionaries, and today was my turn. Bethany and I rode up to the first school with Pastor Dave and Doug. It was really quite interesting, Pastor Dave told us all about everything that Speed the Light had helped them do. For example, Speed the Light has provided them with a vehicle, a sound system, a trailer, and most recently a van. I never realized how much Speed the Light affects missionaries. Pastor Dave told us with such passion about how much of a blessing the program has been to their ministry.

When we arrived at our first school we were walking stuff in when suddenly we were swarmed by about a dozen little boys all running around with the biggest happiest smiles on their faces. They were extremely excited. Once we had everything set up our team went and interacted with all the children. Pastor Dave practiced English with some of the older girls and the rest of us talked with a lot of the younger children. When it was time to begin Alfredo called everyone to sit down. It was crazy how much excitement was swelling through these children’s faces. I have yet to see a more energetic engaged school, it was just amazing. We performed a few songs which they adored, even the older ones were enjoying it. Following the songs we did one of our puppet skits. Afterwards we performed “God is God” by Steven Curtis Chapman. It is such a fun suspenseful human video. When Alfredo gave the alter call at the end almost every child raised their hand. It was absolutely incredible, and with that we were released. We weaved in and through the crowds and prayed with kids one by one. They were absolutely adorable, and it broke my heart to see such joy in the midst of these children’s hard lives. When we finished praying we very quickly packed everything up so that we could make it to the next school in time.

The next school we visited was a lot of fun too. Haley played soccer with the kids while Tara and I worked out a small juggling routine, the kids were so excited. Lee and Alfredo juggled as well. The children loved watching Lee do all of his tricks. We soon began again and did a very similar program. Praying with the children is always the highlight, they are just so incredible. We also had a large alter call response which just made me so happy. After we were finished at the school we left for the church where we had sandwiches and drinks. Debby got really sick though. She had not been feeling well most of the day and she ended up going back to the hotel. We were sad to not have her with us at our final school. She is an amazing woman and is so genuinely kind and gracious, and she hardly complains. Even though we were missing someone from our team we had to continue on to our last and final school.

We were once again at a high school and honestly I was quite nervous from our last experience with older kids. Before the program began Lee played some music which we all danced to and were being the crazy gringos (the name the nationals call those from the US) that we are. It was a lot of fun and I think it helped break the ice a bit. We sang one song with them which I think they kind of enjoyed, but they did not participate. After the song Haley gave the crowd her testimony. Haley was so open with them and so honest which made them connect with her in so many ways. All eyes were on her as she proclaimed the gospel from the microphone in another language. Directly following her testimony we began the human video “Liberame” with Haley in the front this time. The children were captivated by it. Afterwards Alfredo gave the alter call and asked for those who would like prayer and a few brave kids raised their hands and we hurried over to pray. Alfredo led us in a closing prayer and just as he said “Amen,” the rain came down. The rain poured!! All around the rain covered everything leaving a river out to the street. Everyone ran for cover. As we were waiting for the rain to clear, Baron, Zach and I all started talking to this group of girls. They were a little shy but it was a lot of fun. Upon their request, we took picture with all of them. They were so sweet. When the rain had finally stopped we went to begin loading but when we opened the door to the street there was a literal river flowing through the side so we waited. Zach and I went around and talked to the kids who had begun to emerge once again. We ran into the group of girls we had talked to earlier. One of the girls gave both of us a bracelet to “remember us by” as she put it.  We were all hanging out when Tara suddenly came up behind me asked “Emily, do you still have the Spanish Bible you have been holding onto for a special person?” When I responded yes she grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the school. We went down a small hallway and into a very tiny cramped room filled with things to the ceiling. Inside was Shannon, Alfredo and a woman who was weeping. She had her four small children running around the tiny room which I soon realized was her house. We continued to pray for the woman as I observed around me. There was such poverty, of which I have never seen. Nothing compares to how broken this woman was. We gave her my Bible and went back to the van. They then explained to me that the woman’s husband had recently passed away leaving her with her four children. Alfredo had led her to the Lord a few minutes before I had arrived. Seeing that completely messed me up, I was a teary mess as I boarded. It was an incredible day.

After that we returned home for a short while and then went out again for dinner. We went to “Tacontento”, it was extremely good Mexican food. After that we went over to Walmart to purchase some lunch items for tomorrow and then we got ice cream, which was delicious. When we arrived back at the hotel Dave held our nightly reflection time, during which he challenged us to take all the things we had learned here and apply them back home. He said, “If you are able to minister to people without even speaking their language, think of what you might be able to do at home.” I am excited to see what God has in store for the rest of this week and the months to follow. It was truly and incredible day.