100,000 Verse Challenge

For the Bible Quiz season 2015– 2016 over Acts we are challenging all quizzers, coaches, officials and other interested persons to participate in the 100,000 verse challenge.

The guidelines are quite simple:

  1. National BQ guidelines for the Memorization Award are in effect
  2. For verses to be counted, one (1) entire chapter must be quoted
  3. The church with the most verses quoted by March 6th, 2016 will be awarded a brand new Kirkman quiz set – value is approximately $425
  4. For each chapter a quizzer quotes, they will receive one entry into a drawing for post high school education scholarships

Eg        3   chapters memorized    – 3 entries

7   chapters memorized    – 7 entries

28 chapters memorized  – 28 entries

  1. Any quizzer receiving the Penn-Del Discipleship Award will receive an EXTRA entry.
  2. Any quizzer receiving the Penn-Del Application Question Award will receive an EXTRA entry.
  3. Any quizzer quoting Acts chapter 2 by Aug 1, 2015 will receive an EXTRA entry.
  4. Four entries will be drawn for $1,000.00 each. (Actual $ will be determined by money received)


Rally everyone in your church and let’s get our quote on!

100,000 Verse Challenge Award Form

100,000 Verse Letter