Latin America – Denny and Debby Seler

Latin America – Denny and Debby Seler

Allow me to begin this communication by expressing our sincere thanks (even our indebtedness) to the youth of the Penn-Del district. Without their amazing efforts and generous hearts we would be without a vehicle making our work extremely challenging.

Our vehicle, as the Directors of Cincel – the A/G linguistic and cultural training center located in San Jose Costa Rica,  provides us the rudiments of travel from home to work each day, becomes a taxi for the students (they have no vehicle while here as students) to help them with the mundane (shopping for groceries, etc) to shuttle (to and from the airport for many A/G leaders – AGTS teachers, Area directors, Regional director), to emergency transport to doctors and even to the hospital at times). It is a great tool that is aiding us in the provision of a healthy atmosphere wherein the students become less stressed and thereby can focus more on their language learning which is their primary responsibility while they are here with us at Cincel.

The investment of the youth and youth pastors provides us with a very essential tool that impacts upwards of 20-25 missionaries at any given time in regards to their need for immediate mobility. These missionaries will leave Cincel prepared to serve through out all of LAC region. We just graduate nine missionaries who will be working in 5 countries planting churches, reaching unreached people groups, ministering to children and youth which comprise a significant part of the Latin world population to mention but a few of the things they will be doing.

STL’s support provides us, as Directors of Cincel a powerful tool to move each of these missionaries closer to their field of ministry and the people of their calling.

With an ever grateful heart,
Denny and Debby Seler
Missionaries to Latin America
Directors of Cincel