Experience Bible Challenge

Learn the Bible and WIN BIG PRIZES! - Saturday, February 24, 2018 | 11AM


2 teams will play each other on an electronic quiz set. The first 12 questions will alternate back and forth between the teams. The point values of those questions will be the same for each team. At question 12 there will be an official timeout. Question 13 through 20 can be answered by any team, by buzzing in to answer. If a quizzer gets five questions correct in a game, they will receive an additional 20 bonus points to their individual score. There will be 3-30 point questions, 9-20 point questions and 8-10 point questions per game. Total amount of games played will be determined by the number of teams registering for each location.

Additional Info:

On the day of the meet, there will be 7 different geographical locations across the Penn-Del District from which to choose (please see Location List below). Start time 11 AM. Approximate quizzing time will be about 1 hour to 11⁄2 hours. (Exact time will be determined by how many teams are actually registered). Sample questions will be provided.


Top team, by average, in the entire District, will receive 3 Youth Convention passes (value $180.00) and $75.00 Cash Second place team * will receive 2 Youth Convention passes (value $120.00) and $50.00 Cash
Third place team ** will receive 1 Youth Convention pass (value $60.00) and $25.00 Cash

* Must have at least 6-10 teams registered in the district to have a second place awarded
** Must have at least 11 or more teams registered in the district to have a third place awarded


Green Ridge A/G, Scranton; Glad Tidings A/G, Reading; River of God, Enola; Newport A/G, Newport; Echo Hope, Mill Hall; South Hills A/G, Bethel Park; Evangel Heights A/G, Sarver.

For more specific information contact Bernie Elliot at ElliotBQ@Aol.com