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  • Advance - #in14

    Advance - #in14

    Summer is in full swing, but school bells and notebooks are just around the corner. Our students have a great opportunity to initiate a positive change in their schools this year! As leaders, we have a great responsibility to prepare ...more

  • 2014 Park Days - Save up to $23.80

    2014 Park Days - Save up to $23.80

    The whole church is invited to attend one of this year’s Assemblies of God Days at an amusement park near you. It’s sure to be a day filled with fun and memories for families, youth groups, singles, and the whole ...more

  • Youth Camp "INSANE"

    Youth Camp "INSANE"

    If we are “out of our mind”… it is for God  In a world where everyone strives to fit in, we have been called to stand out. In John 12:31 Jesus says that just as He is not of this world, ...more

  • Bible Quiz Camp

    Bible Quiz Camp

    Bible Quiz Camp serves to provide the proper tools in every B/Q area to ensure a quality discipleship ministry in every local church. With the focus on topics such as: How to Coach; How to Disciple Your Teens; How to ...more

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  • Haiti – July 14, 2014 : Day 6

    Haiti – July 14, 2014 : Day 6

    Bittersweet Monday Our day started, as you all know, with us preparing for the day by getting our nutrition with breakfast. We had pancakes and sausage, so I was a very happy person! All of our meals have been exceptional ...more

  • Haiti - July 15, 2014 : Day 7

    Haiti - July 15, 2014 : Day 7

    Just as everyday, we began our second-to-last morning with an amazing breakfast, our cook, Jacqueline cooks the greatest meals and I will miss dearly how spoiled we have been in regards to our accommodations. Today is unlike the days previous, ...more

  • Haiti - July 13, 2014 : Day 5

    Haiti - July 13, 2014 : Day 5

    Warning: This might be a long blog post. A LOT happened today. Of course it is Sunday, so it was church day. We had a delicious breakfast like always, and we were off to church at 7 am. Where we ...more

  • Haiti - July 12, 2014 : Day 4

    Haiti - July 12, 2014 : Day 4

    Day 4 in Haiti and all is doing well with the group. We started the day with breakfast at 7am as usual. We had pancakes, biscuits, and bananas, plus an assortment of drinks all prepared by the lovely Haitian cooks ...more

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