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  • Advance - #in14

    Advance - #in14

    Summer is in full swing, but school bells and notebooks are just around the corner. Our students have a great opportunity to initiate a positive change in their schools this year! As leaders, we have a great responsibility to prepare ...more

  • 2014 Park Days - Save up to $23.80

    2014 Park Days - Save up to $23.80

    The whole church is invited to attend one of this year’s Assemblies of God Days at an amusement park near you. It’s sure to be a day filled with fun and memories for families, youth groups, singles, and the whole ...more

  • Youth Camp "INSANE"

    Youth Camp "INSANE"

    If we are “out of our mind”… it is for God  In a world where everyone strives to fit in, we have been called to stand out. In John 12:31 Jesus says that just as He is not of this world, ...more

  • Bible Quiz Camp

    Bible Quiz Camp

    Bible Quiz Camp serves to provide the proper tools in every B/Q area to ensure a quality discipleship ministry in every local church. With the focus on topics such as: How to Coach; How to Disciple Your Teens; How to ...more

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  • #INITIATE3030


    A Challenge To Share the Gospel Through Serving and Conversations 30 Days of Service – Students commit to serving their friends and their school for 30 days. They earn the right to be heard by considering others better than themselves in the Spirit of ...more

  • Haiti – July 14, 2014 : Day 6

    Haiti – July 14, 2014 : Day 6

    Bittersweet Monday Our day started, as you all know, with us preparing for the day by getting our nutrition with breakfast. We had pancakes and sausage, so I was a very happy person! All of our meals have been exceptional ...more

  • Haiti - July 15, 2014 : Day 7

    Haiti - July 15, 2014 : Day 7

    Just as everyday, we began our second-to-last morning with an amazing breakfast, our cook, Jacqueline cooks the greatest meals and I will miss dearly how spoiled we have been in regards to our accommodations. Today is unlike the days previous, ...more

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