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  • Youth Camp "INSANE"

    Youth Camp "INSANE"

    If we are “out of our mind”… it is for God  In a world where everyone strives to fit in, we have been called to stand out. In John 12:31 Jesus says that just as He is not of this world, ...more

  • District Fine Arts Festival Schedule

    District Fine Arts Festival Schedule

    2014 District Fine Arts Schedule (pdf) DFAF 2014 Orientation Get the schedule on your iPhone or Android device by downloading the PennDel Youth App! Download or search the google play or iOS App Store for PennDel ...more

  • Joe Phillips (Youth Camp Week 1)

    Joe Phillips (Youth Camp Week 1)

    Instagram @revrollinjoe Joe Phillips is the President of JPM Inc., a non-profit organization committed to spreading the Word of God anywhere and in any way possible. This commitment is manifested in speaking to widely diverse audiences. JPM also provides financial support ...more

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  • 2014 Bible Quiz - PennDel Youth Memorization Awards

    2014 Bible Quiz - PennDel Youth Memorization Awards

    PennDel Youth Memorization Award 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, 1, 2, 3 John 2013-2014 MASTER MEMORIZATION AWARD “A” ( 1 ) Jonathan Brown                               New Day AG, Upper St. Clair “A” League: ( 9 )             Hava Parker - Pocono Community Church, ...more

  • 2014 Scholarship Opportunities

    2014 Scholarship Opportunities

    District Youth Scholarship - Due February 3, 2014 Scholarships Offered: $1,000 (1), $750 (1), $500 (1) 2014 Scholarship Application The three winning applications which are selected for the District Youth Scholarship will be submitted to the National Office for consideration of the J. ...more

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