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  • Winter Retreat - Love - #theright15

    Winter Retreat - Love - #theright15

    Tenta We have many rights as a consequence of being human. Of all those rights, the most basic human right that belongs to every individual is the right to know Jesus, the right to become a Christian. Our society would have you ...more

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  • Balancing the Seesaw of Youth Ministry

    Balancing the Seesaw of Youth Ministry

    When I was a kid, one of my favorite playground activities was the seesaw. There is something brilliant in the simple physics of that wonderful contraption! We used to run across the playground before all the good seesaws were taken, ...more

  • Remnant Youth Convention 2015

    Remnant Youth Convention 2015

    It's Your Remnant Right ... What’s a remnant? Merriam Webster defines remnant as, “a small part, or trace remaining.” Are you happy going along with the majority or are you one of the few, a part of the Remnant, who offer Jesus ...more

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