January 6                 Bible Quiz Meet #3

January 12-14        Winter Retreat #1 – BCC

January 19-21        Winter Retreat #2 – BCC

January 26-28        Winter Retreat #3 – BCC

February 17           Sectional Fine Arts

February 24           Bible Quiz Meet #4

March 17                 District Bible Quiz Finals

March 28-30          District Fine Arts

March 29-30          Youth Convention

April 15                    National Youth Day

A great day to highlight Youth Ministries in your church

May 10                     Youth Committee Meeting

May 4-5                   NE Regional Bible Quiz Finals

June 11                     Kennywood Park Day

June 14                     Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

June 18-22               Week #1 – Youth Camp – BCC

June 25-29               Week #2 – Youth Camp – BCC

June 30-July 6         National Bible Quiz Finals

July 9-22                   AIM (tentative date range)

July 30- Aug 3       National Fine Arts Festival

August 17-19          Bible Quiz Camp – BCC

September 8          Fearless: One Day Conference CENTRAL

September 9          Campus Awareness Day
This is a day set aside to acknowledge and pray for students as they set out to make the most of their next grade level experience.

September 26        See You at the Pole
An annual gathering of Christian students of all ages at a flagpole in front of their local school for prayer, scripture-reading and worship, during the early morning before school starts. For more information visit    

September 29        Fearless: One Day Conference WEST

October 1                Youth Committee Meeting

October 6               Fearless: One Day Conference EAST

October 13              Bible Quiz Meet #1 (2017-2018 Season)

October 14              National Speed The Light Day

October 20-22       PK/MK Retreat – BCC

Oct 29-Nov 16     Speed The Light Tour

December 1            Bible Quiz Meet #2